AI×EV | Concept | Adam&Eve | GridX & Super SaloonX (for 2020)
SWdesign presents Ai×EV design solution | 06.June.2017


EVシステムプラットフォーム × Ai ×Robotics
1. Adam | High Speed Mobility | Super SaloonX
2. Eve | Low Speed Mobility | GridX

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"Genesis" An era of new migration is coming. We propose how to move in a grid society adapted to environmental measures.

EV system platform + Ai + Robotics | GridX
1. Adam | High Speed Mobility | Super Saloon X
Mobility aimed at high-speed movement mainly connecting cities and cities, or cities and suburbs. Proposal of next generation high speed mobility in grid system.
2. Eve | Low Speed Mobility
Mobility mainly aimed at slow speed movement in urban areas.
Proposal of next generation mobility in Grid System.
Details will be updated on this website.

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Adam/GridX & Eve/Super SaloonX | Designed by Satoshi Wada
Super SaloonX for investorX(US) | Produced by Jamie Klopp(US)

e-Vision | AI×EV | Concept | Adam&Eve

Adam | Super Saloon X | NEW

Eve | GridX | NEW