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e-VISION | AI×EV Saloon | Adam | Super Saloon X | 01.July.2017 | Press release
Produced by Jamie Klopp (US) & Designed by Satoshi Wada SWdesign (JP) (Concept for 2020)

e-VISION is one of the collaboration EV project for American investor X. Jamie Klopp (USA) was producer and project leading .Satoshi Wada|SWdesign (JAPAN) took charge of the exterior design. The target would be a next generation AI×EV×Sport saloon. We introduce our creative activities for the vision.

"Grid vehicle" of the next generation grid system
Urban and city, ultra high speed mobility design connecting city and suburbs.The maximum effect of the design form as a high-speed EV is in aerodynamic characteristics, the Cd would be 0.20. Adopted shell cabin design to prevent electric consumption.
Beautiful EV
The design motif puts the spirit of the era in the early 1930's, when the car started to produce lively voices at the back of the design. Origin regression is the theme, regain the important "PASSION" that the modern car design was lost. We will design vehicles and the city's emotions, emotions, dignity and respect, and create essential elegance as a culture, absolute beauty. Emotional Ai engine loaded.

Adam | Super Saloon X | White color

jamie_klopp&satoshi_wada-super_saloon-002x.jpg jamie_klopp&satoshi_wada-super_saloon-006.jpg jamie_klopp&satoshi_wada-super_saloon-003.jpg Cool Elegant Specification

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Warm Future Specification

20170629-ssx-115.jpg 20170629-ssx-111.jpg 20170629-ssx-112.jpg Cool Elegant Specification

20170629-ssx-105.jpg 20170629-ssx-110.jpg 20170629-ssx-104.jpg Concept

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Warm Future Specification