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VISION | e-2020GT(EV Concept Study)
50歳を迎えたTOYOTA2000GT に最大の敬意を表してのオマージュです。

和田 智
SWdesign co.,ltd.

VISION | e-2020GT(EV Concept Study)
Currently, I will introduce one of the EV design projects that I am advancing as a unique research. Launched in 1967, TOYOTA 2000 GT, Japan's leading sports car, celebrated its 50th anniversary. The spirit and beauty of manufacturing itself are still shining without being lost.
For me, car is "Human".
It is a tribute to represent TOYOTA 2000 GT who is 50 years of age with the greatest respect.

Those who want to send this car to the world, please contact us !

Satoshi Wada
SWdesign co.,ltd.