Cool without complaint! You don't need childish newness. I need something that can be conveyed to my heart. Future design requires future "dignity".

SW Message-001 | Is the future design comfortable?
1967 Italy. A supercar concept has emerged from Bertone in the heyday of Carrozzeria. Its name is Marzal. It is a little-known car, but it is the work of that master Marcello Gandini who designed supercars such as Lamborghini Miura and Countach.
The futuristic design of the time makes us feel the momentum to penetrate the modern age. There, you can feel a kind of "dignity" that looks at the future sincerely. The time when Gagarin said, "The earth was blue." The mood of the world where the Apollo program was implemented in 1969 is well communicated.
Was what Modern Age brought about at that time really good or bad? I'm skeptical now, but there was definitely a bright future there. Believing in the endless evolution of mankind, this Marzal must have been born.
Unquestioned ambition creates pure things.
With the arrival of the EV era, which will come in the near future, concept cars that give us a sense of a new future are being announced one after another. Even the prestigious German brands, who are headquartered in Germany, are screaming, "Don't miss the flow, hurry up" with a design that gives you a sense of the future. But am I the only one who feels that the future shape, future branding, and future business created in this way are somehow dirty?
The cars of the future, which were designed by force and are full of evil, which is the opposite of Pure.
When did the future become less bright?
Why do you feel comfortable in the old future?

It was a night when I thought about that while watching Marzal, which was announced in 1967, "Only geniuses can change the future."