PRESS RELEASE | SWdesign co.,ltd. | for JAMCO Corporation | SpaceX | Business class / UNIT DESIGN | First class / SPACE DESIGN | Hamburg Aircraft Interiors EXPO 2017 | 06-07.April.2017 | Designed by SWdesign co.,ltd.

JAMCO Corp. is a manufacturer of comprehensive aircraft equipment dealing with domestic largest aircraft interior products and aircraft equipment manufacturing. Boeing, Airbus and other aircraft manufacturing companies, we have many airlines on our clients. As the third collaboration between JAMCO and SWdesign, we announced next-generation business class & first-class concept prototype / SpaceX at AirCraft Interior Expo (2017.4.06-07) this time in Hamburg, Germany. Following GalleyX announced last year, we have adopted an architectural modular system and a common functional design language.

SpaceX consists of first class seats and business class sheets and expresses a comfortable and safe private room space in various scenes such as meal service in the aircraft and movie appreciation. Also, in the business class seat, it is a big characteristic that you can go in and out of the passage directly from the center seat. With regard to the components and structures, we will seek to reduce the weight and weight by using advanced materials and simple mechanisms as well as to reduce manufacturing costs and maintainability by standardizing the module structure and parts. And it is one of the features of SpaceX that it can be installed in any wide machine regardless of specific models.

We realized a fresh and high quality design with completely different ideas from the past aircraft interior design. Simple and clean functional design that is easy to expand and shrink units, excellent in operability, cleaning performance, repairability, assembly & disassembly. Boeing, Airbus, and many other airlines have praised its design.

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1 SpaceX | Business class | UNIT DESIGN

SpaceX | Business class | UNIT DESIGN | Layout
Array is the business class of 2-3-2 layout with the highest capacity. Passenger in the center seat can be operated without concern for both sides. The center seat of the image is a state when it is made to be full flat.

SpaceX | Business class | UNIT DESIGN | Overall View
A sliding type facade system that supports all needs such as single use, as well as couple correspondence.

SpaceX | Business class | UNIT DESIGN | Functional Desk
Large monitors and high-intensity slide desks are available. Desk light will produce a relaxed mood in a business class that has never been before.

SpaceX | Business class | UNIT DESIGN | Detail
Lattice pattern · Facade design. LED lamps embedded in a lattice will operate in a cabin attendant (CA) call or emergency.

SpaceX | Business class | UNIT DESIGN | Variation
Arabesque pattern façade. Design corresponding to the requirements of each air line.

SpaceX | Business class | UNIT DESIGN | Open for 3
A scene full of openness with all facades lowered. For example, you can have smooth communication of a group through a large monitor of each passenger.

SpaceX | Business class | UNIT DESIGN | Maximum Capacity
Example of 2-3-2 placement of UNIT within business class. We will secure a lot of passengers without troubling acts such as straddling the next seat.

2 SpaceX | First class | SPACE DESIGN

SpaceX | First class | Overall View
It consists of a module unit that can complete the first class completely. It is a feature that it changes to various specifications such as lounge, restaurant, king size bed by the slide · sofa system, excellent in strength in the aircraft and correspond to G. You can enjoy the next generation of communication and entertainment with the large monitor in the room.

SpaceX | First class | Functional Specification
With slide and sofa system you can change lounge, restaurant, king size bed and various specifications. (The upper image is an example of the change of that change)

SpaceX | First class | 3 Star Restaurant
How about a 3 star restaurant in the first class? It made possible the service of the highest grade meal that had never been before. We offer a special memorial journey to business privately.

SpaceX | First class | Perfirmance Table
By digital mapping, we provide performance to meet customer's request.

SpaceX | First class | Performance Menu
The menu of the meal and the way of ordering are fresh. It enables new special in-flight service.

SpaceX | First class | Full Flat King Size Bed
The slide and sofa system provides a completely flat king size bed.

SpaceX | Business class | Detail
The LED light placed in the lattice design is designed as a guest attendant calling or emergency evacuation sign.

SpaceX | Firsts class | Overall First Class in Aisle
GalleyX (kitchen) from first class PENTHOUSE.

SpaceX | First class | Unified Design Language
Unified in-flight design concept. We design a beautiful harmonious cabin in harmony by control of Design Rangewage (Design Language).

SpaceX | First class | With SW

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