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PRODUCT DESIGN | プロダクトデザイン


In product design, we aim to develop environment-friendly designs. Design concept "Minimal x Future" | We provide a simple and beautiful next-generation functional design (concept, form) that is minimalized in the new lifestyle and value that will be needed in the future.

PRODUCT DESIGN WORK | プロダクトデザイン仕事プロセス

1. 新商品企画、商品コンセプトを立案
2. 2D-Work:スケッチ、レンダリングで具体的なイメージを提供
3. 2D-2-3案をプレゼンテーションし、案(1-2案)を決定
4. 3D-決定案をもとに3次元データ(3Dデータ)を製作
5. 3D-3Dデータをもとにリアリティに近い3Dレンダリングを製作
6. 案を決定させ、3次元立体モデル(モックアップ)を製作
7. 3Dデータとモックアップを提供
8. ご要望に応じて生産のためのデザイン展開を実施

1. Make a new product plan and product concept for your company
2. 2D-Work: Provides a concrete image by sketching and rendering.
3. Present the 2D-2-3 plan and let them decide the plan (1-2 plan).
4. 3D-Create 3D data (3D data) based on the draft decision.
5. Create a realistic 3D rendering based on 3D-3D data.
6. Let's decide the plan and create a 3D solid model (mockup).
7. Provide your company with 3D data and mockups.
8. We will provide the design for production development upon request.
The process will proceed to meet your needs.