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e-VISION | AI×EV Mobility | Eve | GridX | 01.July.2017 | Press release
Presented & Designed by Satoshi Wada | SWdesign co.,ltd.

"For society, people who take care of elderly people are necessary, they must know how to sympathize and how to be honest in society, people who work in hospitals are necessary In society, all kinds of skills are necessary, not just recognition, they are emotional, they are loving, society is not realized only with data and computers. " By Alvin Toffler

Low Speed AI×EV | e-VISION | Eve | Intelligent Mobility | GridX (Concept for 2020) JP|ENG LinkIcon

"Moving i-Phone? Moving i_Room? "
It is no longer a traditional car. Mobility is also a moving house and moving My Room. You can eat while watching the moving scenery, or you can sleep to your destination. Of course it also plays the role of moving office. It carries emotion Ai engine, is a "good talker" of movement and also "can assist". Mobility becomes the best friend, best assistant. We create the way of movement of the next generation.
Tokyo Olympic Games - Odaiba in 2020, solving the living problems that will become more serious in the future, such as migration of the elderly along with aging society, issues corresponding to nursing care movements, issues corresponding to depopulation, I think about living.Of course we will also support the next generation taxi, Sharing Mobility.

Mobility in the next generation NET, Ai, Robotics era. The first "grid vehicle" concept of energy grid system. Mobility becomes the core factor of the energy control life. It acts as a smart house and hub of external energy supply. Contactless charging system. No more troublesome supply of electricity is saved.

The interior layout is Mini × Max. Ultra-simple design while being most reasonable.
The slide sofa design system changes to various room forms according to its purpose. Adopting a system and robotics platform, it is possible to respond to a variety of dynamics completely different from conventional cars. We adopt ultra light solar · carbon · hybrid skin body and measure thorough weight reduction. Emotion Ai equipped with an engine, is a good talkative move and assistant to move. Mobility will be the best friend.

A mobility scheme that is intermediate between Private and Public. We will live by solving movement problems in many living of commercial use such as nursing care, movement of elderly people, delivery of shortage of manpower which will be a big problem in the future. A revolutionary transportation mobility design newly conceived of next generation urban vehicles.

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grid1.jpg grid2.jpg img20170630090400249287.jpg Conecpt2 | GridX Target Construction

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Concept3 | GridX Variation

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20170629-gridx-122.jpg 20170629-gridx-126.jpg 20170629-gridx-125.jpg 20170629-gridx-124.jpg 20170629-gridx-120.jpg Conecpt2 | GridX Target Construction

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Concept3 | GridX Variation